Wedding Day Timeline For a Great Party

David Castro

Wedding Day Timeline For a Great Party

Many activities make a wedding colorful. There’s a lot to do, from arriving in style to making your venue look perfect, to having lively programs, photos, and food. Even with a planner things can go wrong. You are only one person. It’s therefore important to create a timeline for the wedding.

You can break down tasks and work within a timeframe with a wedding day schedule. You’ll have accomplished so much in a day with little stress. To make it easier for you, we have created a wedding day timeline that fits your style.

Wedding Day Timeline Rules

The most important things are listed first, then the less important. Here’s a list of the rules in order of priority

  • Consider your wedding logistics. The logistics are an important part of the schedule for wedding planning. Reliable transportation is required depending on the venues, activities, and proximity of each venue. If the venue is different, arrange for a separate vehicle to transport the couple early so they can attend the ceremony, reception, and after-party. Create alternative transportation for guests to get from your venue to their hotel.
  • You should start planning your wedding as early as possible. This is essential. You will have more time to enjoy your guests. You will have more time to take good photos, dance, and other activities. You can save time by going to bed earlier or reducing the number of activities at your rehearsal dinner. Skip the nightcaps and clubbing.
  • Don’t forget your photographer and videographer. The two most important vendors for your wedding are your photographers and videographers. They capture and preserve precious memories. If you need them for the whole day, pick a package that fits your wedding. Do all photoshoots before the reception. Give them enough time to arrive if you do not want them to finish. Use a list to make navigation easier.
  • Do not make your guests wait for food. Keep all speeches, dances, and photographs as short as possible. You can even move up the meal time so that it comes right after the cake cutting and just before the dance. You will have plenty of time to enjoy other activities, knowing that the guests are refreshed.
  • Sending out your wedding timeline. This is the final step in putting your wedding together. It is important that your vendors, maid-of-honor, and wedding planners have the timeline two to three weeks prior to the wedding, in case there are any changes. The document should be as simple and easy to understand as possible. is founded by Daniela Alvarez, a wedding planner based in Tampa, Florida dedicated to creating the most beautiful and memorable weddings for her clients. She is passionate about all aspects of wedding planning, from helping you with the vision and theme of your wedding to crafting the perfect timeline for your big day.

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