21 Short Plus Size Wedding Dresses to Bookmark Instantly

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Short plus-size wedding dresses have become increasingly popular among modern brides who want to feel comfortable and stylish on their special day. Plus-size brides are no longer limited to traditional floor-length gowns but now have a range of options when it comes to shorter styles. Whether you’re looking for a knee-length, tea-length, or mini dress, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will flatter your figure and make you feel beautiful. Short wedding dresses also allow for more mobility and ease of movement, perfect for brides who want to dance the night away! The shorter length can also be a great opportunity to play around with your accessories, footwear, and hairstyle, with the dress being a statement piece in itself. Designers have recognized the demand for short wedding dresses plus size, and there are now many options available on the market. From lace and tulle to satin and chiffon, there is a fabric and style to suit every bride’s vision.

short plus size wedding dresses

These wedding dresses are not only practical and comfortable, but can also be dressed up or down to suit any wedding theme or location. From beach weddings to city hall ceremonies, short white plus-size wedding dresses are versatile and can be worn in any setting. With a wide range of styles available, it is easy now more than ever to find a dress that suits your personal style and complements your curves. So here’s a style guide full of inspiration that will explore some of the best short plus size dresses for weddings on the market, with options ranging from classic lace to modern satin, to help you find the perfect dress for your special day.

21 Short Plus Size Wedding Dresses to Bookmark for Your Big Day

1. Embroidered:


Embroidered dresses are super cute, playful, and fun. They’re great for a bride whose wedding vibe is quirky and fun. This dress is perfect for plus-size women because it conceals any parts you’re conscious about while keeping things exciting with a little hint of skin. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the dress shouldn’t be too heavy; otherwise, it may come across as bulky and add extra weight.

2. Classic V-neck Dress:

Classic V-neck Dress

A V-neck dress gives a more stylish and sophisticated impression, and is perfect for smaller, simpler ceremonies such as an intimate wedding or just something close-knit. If you’re fond of all things subtle, this is the route for you to take. The V-neck neckline flatters the shoulders and collarbone, while the mini length adds a touch of playfulness, making this a perfect alternative for women of all sizes!  

3. Sequinned Dress:

Sequinned Dress

Sequinned dresses are jazzy and over the top, and when they come in a mini-length, they look all the more playful and fun. The embellishments are the right amount of jazz needed to elevate a simple mini dress to something chic yet fun! Plus, the embellishments create a slimming effect and look flattering on all kinds of sizes. The glitz and glamor of the detailing also make this dress perfect for a wedding where the memo is everything glitz and glamor! 

4. Belted Dress: 

Belted Dress

Next on the list of plus-size short dresses for weddings is the belted cinch dress. Not only is this dress the epitome of sophistication and class, but also is well-suited for plus-size women because the belt effect adds a touch of drama while also accentuating the waist adequately. The unique silhouette also creates a slimming effect that most plus-size girls look for on their wedding day! 

5. Halter Neck Dress: 

Halter Neck Dress

A halter neck dress is a classic that has been a part of bridal wear since the beginning of time. The dress is ideal for plus-size women because the halter neck neckline provides a great lift to the bust, ensuring you have enough coverage to avoid any mishaps or slip-ups while also retaining a touch of sexy. This dress looks great in midi lengths, and though it may not be the trendiest option, it definitely is the safest and most elegant! 

6. Strapless Sweetheart Dress:

Strapless Sweetheart Dress

Most brides want to go all out on their wedding and make a statement. A strapless and sweetheart dress is the perfect way to do just that! Make it flare, and you’ve got all the oomph you need to elevate your look instantly! A good sweetheart neckline will highlight your facial features, neckline, and collarbone, while the embellishments will add a touch of glamor. The best part is that all these elements together are sure to turn some heads! 

7. Fit and Flare Dress:

Fit and Flare Dress

A fit and flare dress is one of the best wedding dresses for short curvy ladies because it gives you the best of both worlds! The fit-and-flare silhouette is universally flattering because it hugs the body at the bust and flares out around the waist. This way it accentuates the best parts of you and conceals any curves you’re worried about! Moreover, you can go for a mini or a midi length depending on what your vibe is since the silhouette looks flattering in both! Moreover, the classic shape makes it perfect for a traditional wedding while the length keeps things playful and unique. 

8. Wrap Dress Mini:

Wrap Dress Mini

A wrap dress is great for plus-size women because it highlights the best parts of them including the shoulder, chest, and face region. From a fit and flare approach to a bodycon alternative, you can experiment with almost any silhouette to compliment the wrap dress because it goes amazingly well with all! This technique of draping is gorgeous, classic, and timeless because it has been a go-to since the beginning of time and refuses to go out of style! So for a simple yet stunning approach, this is the way to go! 

9. White Sundress:

White Sundress

A sundress is a summer essential; when elevated, it can make for a great wedding outfit. It flatters your chest, neck, and collarbone area, making it look more toned and relaxed. What makes this dress great for plus-size women is that it offers more coverage while keeping the fashion quotient high and adding a touch of elegance. Perfect for a beach wedding or an outdoor-themed wedding, the silhouette also creates a slimming effect overall, as it draws the eye away 

10. A-line Dress:

A-line Dress

A-line dresses are every plus-size women’s go-to dress. The A-line silhouette is universally flattering and extremely stylish and elegant. Straight, spaced out, and aligned, this dress is not only extremely comfortable and breezy but also one of the best options for plus-size women who feel conscious about their curves. The best part is that its classic shape also makes it perfect for a traditional wedding and modern wedding alike. 

11. Puff Sleeves Dress:

Puff Sleeves Dress

Puff sleeves are a super cute trend; they look great with all sorts of dresses, including bridal wear. They give dresses that over-the-top appearance that is essential for a good wedding dress. The sleeves add a touch of drama, the silhouette conceals any curves that are needed, and together all the elements make this outfit one of the best short wedding dresses for curvy plus-size women! 

11. Lace Dress:

Lace Dress

A lace layered dress is the perfect variation of the classic A-line dress, tweaked to cater to plus-size women. It is trendy and super pretty, and with the right accessories and upgrades, it can make for the perfect wedding dress. Jazz a simple white dress with cutouts and embroidery to make it one of the best wedding dresses for short plus size women! Not only will the ruffles and lace create a balanced silhouette and add a touch of femininity, but the entire outfit will look immensely stylish too. 

13. Off-shoulder Dress:

Off-shoulder Dress

As mentioned multiple times above, the best silhouette for curvy ladies is the one that draws the eye upward to features that they are more fond of and confident about. Similar to a bardot dress, or a halter neck, the off-shoulder dress is great for this purpose and highlights the neck, collarbones, and face! Moreover, it gives you a blank canvas to experiment with in terms of jewelry and hair, allowing you to go all out! From dangling earrings and chunky neck pieces to dramatic hairstyles, you can play around with it all, till you find the right fit for you! 

14. One-shoulder Dress:

One-shoulder Dress

Jazz things up with a slight variation to the classic off-shoulder dress, and opt for a one-shoulder silhouette! This necklace, while flattering to the features, is also more elevated and with the right styling can make for a statement bridal piece! Opt for a white one-shoulder, in either the mini or midi length depending on what you feel more comfortable in and what flatters your body type. With some flower embroidery, silver detailing, and some glitz and glamor, a simple one-shoulder dress can instantly be transformed into a memorable bridal outfit! 

15. Oversized Bow Dress:

Oversized Bow Dress

One of the trendiest bridal dress options is adding an oversized bow to the back of your bridal dress! Whether the silhouette is flowy or bodycon, this one detail can instantly elevate the outfit and make it an extremely unique, statement piece. Moreover, the oversized bow on the waistline will cinch everything together and accentuate any curves. This addition looks best with a satin material dress, with a net bow that folds beautifully and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.  

16. Sheer Detailing Net Dress:

Sheer Detailing Net Dress

Sheer detailing is the most feminine and sophisticated touch that any dress can have, and it instantly levels up any dress. Play around with the sheer and mesh material in various locations and cutouts. From the faux sleeves to a stunning net overlay, any wedding dress can do with an extra sheer edge!  

17. Formal Collar Dress:

Formal Collar Dress

One of the trendiest options a bride can go for, is a formal collar dress because it is sure to make a statement. It is chic and sophisticated while also being extremely stylish. It’s a great alternative for those who are opting for a more formal ceremony, have a themed wedding, or want to experiment with something unique and experimental yet classy. Moreover, a formal dress is usually thick and will fall beautifully over any curves you’re worried about. 

18. Asymmetrical Trim Dress:

symmetrical Trim Dress

An asymmetrical trim dress is a perfect silhouette for plus-size women because it features a longer back and a cropped front, giving the bride the best of both worlds. The flowy silhouette makes it comfortable yet chic, and the loose overlay adds an easy, breezy, and relaxed touch. Moreover, the asymmetrical detail makes the look unique!

19. Ruched Bodycon Dress:


Ruched Bodycon Dress

As mentioned earlier, a bodycon dress usually is not the go-to option for plus-size women because they are concerned about it looking bulkier or being too heavy and adding weight. However, that is rare, especially if you opt for ruched detailing. The ruched details conceal anything you may be conscious about, and with the right material and silhouette choice, you can find a stunning dress. Moreover, this silhouette besides providing coverage is also high in terms of sophistication and style! 

20. Full Sleeves Coverage Dress:


Full Sleeves Coverage Dress

A full sleeve dress is a simple solution to all sorts of problems! Whether you’re too conscious about your arms, want to add some extra detailing without making the dress too bulky, or simply want to keep things classy with a touch of flair, you can go the simple yet stylish route and add some sleeves to any wedding dress of your choice. Go for mesh or net sleeves for a feminine look that also has an element of sophistication! 

21. Balloon Sleeves Cropped Dress:


Balloon Sleeves Cropped Dress

Sleeves are the make or break element when it comes to wedding dresses, and balloon sleeves are a great alternative to the classic full sleeves that are mentioned above. They are flattering to curvy women because they are super easy breezy and also conceal the aram, in case that’s something you are conscious about. Moreover it also looks stylish when compared to a basic dress with simpler sleeves!  

The bottom line is that short plus-size wedding dresses are an excellent choice for brides who want to look and feel their best on their special day. With a variety of styles to choose from, there is a dress to suit every taste and body type. These dresses offer a modern and trendy alternative to traditional wedding gowns, without compromising on style or elegance. Ultimately, the key to finding the perfect short plus size wedding dress is to try on different styles and fabrics and find what makes you feel beautiful and confident. With the right dress, any bride can feel like a queen on her special day, and short bridal dresses plus size offer an opportunity for every bride to do just that.


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