Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Your Wedding Veil

David Castro

Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Your Wedding Veil

Hey, they say that a veil transforms a woman wearing a white dress into a wedding bride. We agree! The flowing fabric, the traditional tradition and the lace-edged cathedral length veil are all romantic. When should you wear your veil? Do you wear a veil to the reception? Fear not; we’ve got you covered.

Here Are Some Tips From Our Experts if You Decide to Add a Veil to Your Wedding Gown.

How to Wear a Veil

You might be tempted just to throw your veil over your head as soon as your dress is on, but you should first consider your timeline. Ask your hairstylist if you are getting ready near your first look to have your veil put on right before you leave. This will ensure that the veil is in place and secure, without getting in the way of final touches as you get ready. You’re getting in the car to go to church. Wait to put your veil on after you arrive at the church. This will prevent you from wrinkling or pulling it as you enter and exit your vehicle. ).

When to Remove Your Veil

It’s up to you whether or not you remove your veil. The bride can choose to remove her veil after the ceremony, and when the pictures are finished. This allows them more freedom of movement for the cocktail hours, and reception. Some brides opt for a shorter style of veil, such as a blusher to maintain their bridal look while dancing.

How to Keep Your Veil in Place

The comb that is attached to the veil may be secure. However, you don’t want your veil to blow off in the middle of the ceremony! Grab a few bobby-pins that are the same color as your hair after you have positioned your veil correctly. Use the pins to further attach your veil to your hair . Make sure the pins are tucked under your hair. Two or three pins (crisscrossed to increase grip) on each side. It should be enough.

What Should You Do to Remove Your Veil?

You can ask your wedding planner to help you remove the veil, or have your stylist teach your mom or a maid of honor how to do it. You can ask your wedding planner to help you remove the veil or your stylist can teach your mother or maid-of-honor how to do it.

After removing any pins that hold the comb in position, the person removing your veil will place their hand underneath your veil, on top of your comb and secure your hair. With the other hand they should begin to gently lift the comb. After it releases a little, while still applying slight pressure to your hairstyle, you should pull the comb gently out of your hair, away from your face. You can tilt the comb so that the teeth of the comb are at a 90 degree angle with the back of your skull.

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