The 12 Best Summer Work Outfits, According to Fashion Insiders

David Castro

Summer is coming. It’s the season of sunshine, naturally increased serotonin, and a “Responsibilities? It’s 80 degrees outside, and I don’t have a care in the world!” attitude. And with these warmer days also comes a less-is-more approach to dressing, as the heat waves often dictate what you can wear. But when you work in an office, (opens in new tab) wearing less isn’t necessarily an option—and you do have to care, especially about your summer work outfits, so Brenda in HR doesn’t take umbrage. Moreover, the office dress code isn’t the only aspect to consider with your warm-weather workwear: you also need to factor in your commute, your day-to-day agenda, and the ridiculously frigid temperatures of your little icebox—I mean, cubicle with aggressive central air.

To help you master in-office dressing during the impending heatwaves, Marie Claire tapped five industry professionals—two fashion directors and three expert stylists—for the best business casual summer outfits. Keep scrolling for all the seasonal outfit inspiration you could ever want, from linen pants (opens in new tab) to summery dresses (opens in new tab) to diligent yet easygoing work bags (opens in new tab). You’ll also find that since office dress codes are much more relaxed than they used to be (in case you missed it: wearing sneakers to work (opens in new tab) and casual outfits (opens in new tab) aren’t just accepted but now encouraged), sartorial risk-taking with your office style has never been more welcome.

What to Look For in a Summer Work Outfit

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