6 Spring/Summer Trends To Know In 2023 According To Fashion Experts

David Castro

Daring Denim


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“I can’t get enough of denim. Denim corsets, denim hipster miniskirts, denim cargo pants designers are doing it very well. I don’t know if girls are doing their favourite comfortable stretch denim jean anymore, I feel that’s very old school. But now there is denim miniskirt with denim corset and denim platforms and then a cute little cropped denim blazer jackets from brands like Magda Butrym. Not even a blazer, like a cropped silhouette that reminds me of something my mom would have had in the 90s. It’s really going out cool denim and denim three piece sets.” – Shannon Thomas, Owner and Director of Désordre.

“Denim is going to be back, oversized denim in particular and especially head to toe denim. People will be wearing big jackets like outrageously oversized jackets with to-the-floor jeans and letting everything be a little more loose than usual.” – Jordan Boorman, Junior Fashion Editor, marie claire Australia.


Diesel De-Tracy Bomber Denim Jacket, $360.08 at Cettire

Party Dressing


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“This will be the first summer that my clients can actually go out! Last year people bought outfits but then didn’t even get to wear them. So other than the fashion coming in, it’s the girls getting to celebrate the looks and actually wear is exciting. Basically party dressing is back. Sequins are still strong and even finding that crochet and delicate knits are intertwined with very fancy sequins.” – Shannon Thomas, Owner and Director of Désordre.

“There is a subtlety to all the trends so far and the sequins that glistened across the runways this season were no exception. Designers turned the simplest of everyday items into styles to stand out in. We saw a new guard of designers coming through and leading the way in the evening wear space.” – Libby Page, Market Director, NET-A-PORTER.

“Everything will just be bigger this season. Not in terms of the size of the garment but everything will ramp up so much more and become even more playful and futuristic. Everything will be so much more extreme and exaggerated and that’s going to come through lots in beauty. If you’re going out you’re going to put more time into your entire ensemble from hair to makeup to accessories to make it more cohesive, coherent and over the top”. – Jordan Boorman, Junior Fashion Editor, marie claire Australia.


Poster Girl Bambi Long Island Crystal Top, $490 at désordre

Small But Mighty


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“The mood of plain luxury translated to non-apparel – it was all about the small details that make the biggest statement; the wrist-length gloves, ruched socks with simple plimsoles, and the sleekest black flip-flop from The Row to Loewe’s paired back logo tote, an obvious distinction from the brand’s usual Avant-guard approach.” – Libby Page, Market Director, NET-A-PORTER.

“When we’re styling things, we’re not just looking at pieces individually, but as a whole. So each piece, take denim for example, we’re not just looking at the cut or the shape but how can we add a belt, or can we hand a purse on the belt loop. It’s taking the piece that we would’ve been wearing two seasons ago and evolving them through understated accents. I’m obsessed with adding socks or cropping hosiery to add more detail.” – Jordan Boorman, Junior Fashion Editor, marie claire Australia.


Cookie Pouch in Anagram jacquard and calfskin, $686 at Loewe

Lingerie As Outerwear


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“‘Best Undressed’ is a new wave of evening wear dressing, a complete shift away from the high-octane glamour that has dominated the space for the past few seasons, to a more understated approach that is embracing nudity in a subtle and chic way. Reveal and conceal was a consistent theme throughout the shows, with each designer delivering their own take.” – Libby Page, Market Director, NET-A-PORTER.


Satin Panty, $570 at Miu Miu

Altheisure Adjacents


“The leather jacket is a perennial favourite and for spring we love the vintage-inspired moto jackets that walked the runway” – Libby Page, Market Director, NET-A-PORTER.

“Everything is becoming so much more sporty. Biker jackets are becoming more feminine as we’re pairing them with long jackets. Even ballet flats, TODS did a variation of them last season with coloured tread. Everything is becoming more sporty and futuristic and extreme.” – Jordan Boorman, Junior Fashion Editor, marie claire Australia.


LVIR Black Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket, $516 at SSENSE

Minting Your Own Vintage


“We’re seeing the rise of pieces that are trendy, yet classic, so you’ll be building your own future archival vintage pieces. These are investments. I think something that is really important to me is that not everything has to be 100{588b6a73d0fd0030a7dfcc3258d1c6d259509b7ec0f2eecf331d98a5c91e6f21} put together, and that is so important because I do want everyone to be mindful. There’s no limitations. Not everything needs to be a full look or new, why can’t you wear it two years later with a different top and reinvent it?” – Shannon Thomas, Owner and Director of Désordre.


Christopher Esber Polar Orbit Stretch-Mesh Cropped Top,$413 at NET-A-PORTER

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